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Myen Hpyen Dap Ni Sinat Nnan Galai Lang Sana

Myen hpyen dap ni Sinat nnan galai na hkyen sai, Philippine mungdan UDMC Company kaw nna galaw shapraw ai Rifle sinat F5-DIGIS hte F5-PVAR sinat hpan re lam, ndai sinat gaw Miwa Norinco Company kaw nna galaw shapraw ai M-4 hte M-16 hta manu mana lai jan hkra kaja ai rai nna madang tsaw ai sinat re lam na chye lu ai. Dai majaw myen hpyen dap gaw miwa galaw ai sinat ni hpe n'lang sana re lam, Philippine galaw ai sinat ni hpe dai ning 2016 kaw nna mari galai lang mat wa sana re lam na chye lu ai.  





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